IFDO Survey on Research Funders’ Data Policies

The rapidly growing number of digital research data and developing scientific methods has challenged science policy makers and research funders to seek tools for increasing openness and sharing of research data. In some countries, academic research funders have adopted formal data policies to guide data management and data sharing in new research projects.

IFDO is conducting a survey to produce a report showing an overview of institutional data policies of social sciences and humanities (SSH) (or lack thereof) in different countries and to collect and locate sources for a more detailed analysis.  Updating and sharing information on the current status will help research funders to consider and develop their own data policies.

If you have received a survey invitation via email, we kindly ask you to complete the survey by May 11, 2012.  If you feel that you are not sufficiently aware of your country’s current SSH data policies, please invite others to respond to the survey.

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