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The members of the International Federation of Data Organizations (IFDO) Board wish to seek your organization’s input in shaping the future direction and new services models for IFDO. We understand that data organizations have many options for coordinating their efforts with the members of the international community, and we wish to provide the highest level of services required by our members.

Because we value the opinion and input from our diverse community of data organizations, we would like to ensure that each voice is heard. We wish to encourage input from anyone associated with data organizations from around the globe. We welcome both old friends as well as those who are just learning about IFDO.  Our goal is to enhance the relationships and solid foundations built upon years of collaboration among our community. We are excited to receive your suggestions and comments as we form new relationships and solidify existing partnerships. All ideas from current members as well as non-members are welcome.
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IFDO Board


IFDO supports the open data movement to promote research transparency and has endorsed the “Open Data in a Big Data World” international accord. Read more at


The next IFDO General Assembly will be held on Tuesday, May 31, 2016 in connection with the IASSIST 42nd Anniversary Conference in Bergen, Norway It will be held in the Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD) from 13:00-16:00

Room Number is 104. You must ring doorbell to get in.

More detailed information about the GA will be sent later on, and meeting information will also be available on the conference website.


1. IFDO Report 2014: Policies for Sharing Research Data in Social Sciences and Humanities 

2. IFDO Data Sharing Policies Fact Sheet

This report gives an overview on national data policies in social sciences and humanities in 30+ countries. The report is based on expert survey conducted by IFDO in 2013. It is written by Vigdis Kvalheim and Trond Kvamme from Norwegian Social Science Data Services. The survey questionnaire was designed collaboratively by the IFDO Board, and the web-survey was administered and implemented by the Odum Institute.

IFDO will follow-up development of national SSH data policies, and provide more detailed information and links to national policies on this website. Countries and experts interested sharing information about their country are advised to take contact to IFDO contact persons.